The Promise Series Book 2: The End of All Flesh by Robert Wetmore


In the End of All Flesh, the second book in the trilogy, The Promise Series, Dr. Robert Wetmore again brings to life people from the Bible who we’ve read about, but now can experience a bit of their life and times. Once you finish this book, you will have to read the third in the series, The Tower.


When the children of Adam rebel against their Creator, humanity sinks into violence, sin and depravity.   A young man named Noah, the Son of the Promise, tries to serve God in this debased world, while another young man, Yakheed, learns to struggle and force his way to worldly success.   When these two men’s lives cross, God reveals to Noah His plan: He will destroy the world with a great flood.   Only the Promise can give Noah and his family the courage to leave their old world behind and face the challenges of a brand new world.


About the Author

Dr. Robert Wetmore has his doctorate in Systematic Theology. He pastored Bellevue Community Church from 1987 to 1995. He then served as Professor of Theology at Toccoa Falls College until 2008. He is currently Professor of Religion at Forman Christian College in Lahaore, Pakistan. He is married and has three adult children and several grandchildren. In addition to The Promise Series, Dr. Wetmore has written several doctrinal books. Please check out Worship, The Way it was meant to be if you want to be encouraged to worship God in a meaningful and relational way.

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