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You’ll find all of the handouts that you need for each of my different convention workshops. Download what you need and have fun with the class.

Lapbooking 101

Class Handouts

For this class you will need to print off the 2 handouts. The first one is for you to refer to during the class and for future use. It can be printed double-sided. The second handout includes the pictures that you will be cutting out and using during the hands-on lapbook class. It will need to be printed single-sided. If you only plan on watching the video and not making the sample lapbook, then you may only want to print out the Reference Handout.

Lapbooking Brochure

This brochure explains the different lapbooks that I’ve written about God’s Hand in History. When you print it out, it will be in a booklet form. When you just look at it on the computer, page 1 will have the last and first page of the brochure, and page 2 includes the inside pages of the brochure.

Angry Me? Seeing Our Children Through the Eyes of Christ

Below is the handout for you to take notes while you watch my class on how to recognize anger and how God can change anyone to be more like Jesus. I hope that the Lord can use my failures and mistakes and successes to encourage you in your walk with Christ.

Removing the Rocks from Your Homeschooling Backpack

Below is the handout for you to take notes while you watch my class on how to stop thinking you need it all. I pray that you will begin to trust God with what He wants you to do day by day as you homeschool your children.

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