Convention Schedule

/Convention Schedule
Convention Schedule2020-05-21T21:06:15-08:00

Thanks to Covid-19, all of our Spring conventions were cancelled. However we are now doing some virtual conventions.

  • Keep Calm and Homeschool On (IAHE): March 27th and on (Speaker)
  • Keep Calm and Homeschool on (MICHN) edition: May 1st and on (Speaker)
  • Hold onto God’s Truth (ICHE): May 28th and on (Vendor Workshops)
  • Homeschool Connection: May 27-31 (Speaker)
  • Homeschool Connection: July 22-26 (Speaker)
  • Homeschool Connection: September 23-27 (Speaker)
  • Homeschool Connection: November 25-29 (Speaker)

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