Trust and Deception by Melissa J. Troutman

Trust and Deception by Melissa J. Troutman


I know I edited this book so I am biased.  But it is AWESOME!  Melissa Troutman is an excellent writer! And who can resist a good FBI novel?


The newspapers said it was an ACCIDENT. The FBI suspects it was MURDER. When an employee of retired NBA star Adrian Summers falls off a cliff, the situation reeks not of tragic misfortune but of intentional crime, committed by a fame-loving man who suddenly has secrets to hide. After coming embarrassingly close to bankruptcy, Adrian is found with money again—and lots of it—but isn’t saying a word about where it comes from.

FBI Special Agent Sean Rayden arrives in Los Angeles undercover as Adrian’s new bodyguard. Competent, Christian, and supposedly single, he quickly attracts the attention of young Rachel MacIsaac and the hostility of rival Anthony Mitchell. Tension doesn’t take long to develop as Sean discreetly seeks the truth of Adrian’s mysterious business. What he uncovers forces his family and him to rely more than ever on their trust in God as they are pulled into a criminal world of deception, revenge, and ultimate danger.

Thrilling! Trust and Deception weaves faith and intrigue into a compelling plot that builds suspense until the end. I would recommend it to anyone! —Rachel Croskrey

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4 reviews for Trust and Deception by Melissa J. Troutman

  1. Kaitlyn

    This is such a great Christian tween/teen book! Melissa told the story so well, it felt as if it was really happening, and I was right in the middle of it all! The book is such a great faith-builder, and is very encouraging. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes FBI mysteries and wants a good, uplifting Christian tween/teen book!

  2. carolrobb

    Hi Kaitlyn,
    We are so glad you liked this book. Yes, it is a great tween/teen book, but even better, it is also a great adult book too. I couldn’t put it down either when I first read it as her editor.

  3. Teresa

    Hi, Carol:

    I just finished Trust and Deception and I enjoyed it immensely. It ranks right up there with Terri Blackstock’s books. Good suspense, drama, character studies, and gospel message in the lives of the protagonists. I recommend it to those searching as well as to Christians who are looking for more clean, yet well written literature.

  4. carolrobb

    Thanks Teresa for your great review. I hope Trust and Deception reaches many people’s hearts for Christ!

  5. Judy

    I tried to read the book a few pages at a time – in-between doing different jobs around the house. I couldn’t. I found myself reading a few chapters at a time! The story was riveting and heart-pounding. It was easy to become involved with the characters and empathize with them. It was also refreshing to see the Christian characters praying for strength as they went through difficult times and talking to each other with loving and encouraging words. Well worth the time spent!

  6. carolrobb

    I am so glad you loved the book. Melissa Troutman has done so well to bring excitement and faith together. Thank you for your encouraging comment.

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