The Wandering Book 2: The Lesser Sun by LB Graham

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The Wandering Book 2: The Lesser Sun by LB Graham


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4 in stock



Kaden Omiir, prince of Barra-Dohn, has survived the collapse of his city and his empire. Now he, along with his family and a small group of other survivors, have chosen to join with the nomadic Amhuru in opposing the Jin Dara, who has satisfied his thirst for vengeance against his family ’s ancient enemy but found a new purpose in life – taking all six fragments of the Golden Cord for himself. Kaden and the Amhuru face a difficult choice, whether to break their own laws and risk the perilous trip across the Madri into the Northlands, where they might find aid from their Northland brothers – if they can survive long enough to explain why they have come. Meanwhile, a dangerous seed of treachery is growing in their midst.

Author/Contributor Bio:

L.B. Graham is the author of “The Binding of the Blade,” a five book fantasy series, the first of which, Beyond the Summerland, was a Christy Finalist in 2005. He writes fantasy/sci-fi and contemporary adult fiction. He teaches Worldviews and serves as the Bible Department Chair at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis. More information about his published works and forthcoming titles can be found at

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