The Dancing Realms Book 1: Hidden Current by Sharon Hinck

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The Dancing Realms Book 1: Hidden Current by Sharon Hinck


I loved, loved, loved this book. Sharon Hinck brought me into the story immediately. Her writing flowed beautifully, and even though no one would ever want to see me dance, I felt that I could dance to bring glory to the Lord! This YA fiction is definitely geared to girls, but that’s great. We need some dedicated books to young women. 


From the Publisher

The dancers of the Order direct their floating world of Meriel with their movement… but are they steering it toward destruction?

Calara spent her life learning dance patterns and seeking to become the perfect servant to her people. When she discovers the work of the Order is built on lies, she flees with a rough-edged herder, Brantley of Windswell. Pursued by soldiers, her journey through the suffering villages of the rim leads her to encounter a truth that sends ripples through her world—and through her soul.

As she seeks clues to her forgotten family, Calara discovers newfound courage in the face of danger, while her quest awakens a growing but forbidden affection for Brantley. Yet even his support can’t fully be trusted, since he’d rather destroy the Order than bring reform.

She is a lone woman facing opposition from rim villages and treachery from the all-powerful Order. Can she restore the dance to its true purpose and bring freedom and hope to her people?

About the Author

Award-winning author of The Sword of Lyric series, Sharon Hinck writes “stories for the hero in all of us” about women on extraordinary adventures of faith. Her novels are praised for their authentic characters, strong spiritual themes, and emotional resonance. For her latest series, The Dancing Realms, she drew on her experience as a ballet teacher, dancer, and choreographer.

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