The Brother’s Keeper Book 1 by Tracy Groot

The Brother’s Keeper Book 1 by Tracy Groot


When I read this book, my heart was pierced because I felt like I was in the time of Jesus. I saw and experienced the pain and confusion that His family must have encountered. Stones of My Accusers is a sequel to this book. You will want both of them. Here is the set: Tracy Groot 2 book set 


From the Publisher

The sons of Joseph run a successful carpentry business in Nazareth. At least, it was successful until the oldest brother, Jesus, left home to tell the world he will forgive their sins and save their souls. Now everyone is hearing outlandish reports of healings and exorcisms. Business is suffering: not many people want a stool made by the family of the local crazy man.

When one of his brothers starts listening to Jesus’ troubling speeches and fanatical Zealots descend on Nazareth to convince his family to join their fight against Rome, James wants nothing more than to shut out these rumblings and have a normal life. But normal walked out the day his brother did.

James knows that this year’s Passover pilgrimage will be more important than ever. Hearing about a possible plot against Jesus, he must find him and talk some sense into him before it’s too late. And he must decide for himself who his brother really is. But on the dusty road to Jerusalem, more than one faction has murder on its mind. . . .

About the Author

Tracy Groot long knew she wanted to write, but a funny thing happened on the way to college: she became a Christian. She had a wacky but heartfelt notion that she had to make a trade with God for this new life, so she gave him the only thing she really wanted to do—writing. A few years passed. Then one day, doing accounts payable data entry, she realized she had much more fun writing office memos than plugging invoices. Epiphany: She finally got it into her head that God gave her words, not numbers, so she quit and got a job writing radio commercials. Guess how she got the job? Yep—she presented copies of those office memos.

Tracy soon realized writing commercials didn’t quite satisfy her, so she began writing novels in the genre she most loves, historical fiction. Along the way, she raised three sons and ran a coffee shop with her husband.

Tracy loves to bake, eat what she bakes, drink coffee with whatever she has baked, play Catan and Carcassonne, watch movies, read until she passes out, knit until carpal tunnel comes on, stare at Shawn Krueger paintings, travel, do research for stories, walk, hike, sail, and hang out with friends. Not necessarily in that order.

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