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Stories for God’s Glory by Leah Good


I am very excited about this writing curriculum for Junior High Students.  My daughter went through the One Year Adventure Novel, which is excellent.  Leah Good, the author of Stories for God’s Glory also is a OYANer (as they call themselves).  She learned from the best and has developed an awesome curriculum for upper elementary and middle schoolers  who just are not quite ready for the One Year Adventure Novel.

I have also used it with High Schoolers in my co-op class, and it worked very well!


From the Publisher

Do you have a child who likes to make up stories but doesn’t know how to write them? Or maybe your child likes to write and would like to improve their skill. Whatever your scenario,  Stories for God’s Glory  is designed to teach junior high students how to write quality fictional stories that honor God.

The course is designed to be completed in one semester–about eighteen weeks. There are sixteen weeks of formal lessons as well as a bonus chapter that introduces students to a few fiction genres. If you’re nervous about teaching creative writing and story writing, don’t be.  This course does not require that the teacher have prior knowledge of the subject.

Each formal lesson begins with an assignment sheet containing boxes that can be checked off as students work through the lesson. Following the assignment sheet is the text for that week. The text is the teaching portion of the curriculum. It tells students about an area of writing and gives them tips for how to implement techniques that will improve their own writing. Worksheets are located at the end of the lesson.  Practice What You  Learned  sheets give students a chance to implement what they read about in the week’s text.  Analyze a Story  worksheets instruct students to read a story and answer questions designed to show them how other authors use the techniques they are learning about. Finally,  Outlining Worksheets  help students to organize their ideas as they plan their own stories.

About the Author

People turn to story for entertainment, truth, and inspiration. My passion is providing all three through my own writing and by recommending the stories of others.

I’m was homeschool K-12, graduated in 2011, went on to do college from home, and completed a BSBA in Marketing in 2013. I am daughter to my two wonderful parents, sister to the best brother in the world, and friend to some amazing sisters in Christ.

My relationship with Jesus is the most important part of my life. Though many people think of Him as a crutch to get through life, I think of Him more as a jet pack. I can truly say He has given me life and life more abundant. Because of my great friendship with my Savior, I want to serve Him in every area of my life.

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