How can there be a book about Leviticus? The God of the universe has spoken to us; his every word is profound. We need to learn from this God. As this book takes us through God’s commands to sacrifice we slowly begin to deeply understand the awesome thing God has done, and the profound beauty and obedience of Jesus. The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God’s redemptive story.

“The publication of commentaries for children on neglected biblical books such as Exodus and Leviticus is noteworthy in itself. Christians have for too long starved their children of much of the nourishment of that Word which is ‘all… profitable’. But Nancy Ganz’s ‘Herein is Love’ series is very much more. Here, in fact, is a biblical theology, a re-telling of these ancient writings in the light of the whole Bible and with a firm grasp of its central thrilling theme – the redeeming love of God in Christ.”


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