Book 1: Jotham’s Journey A Family Story for Advent by Arnold Ytreeide

Book 1: Jotham’s Journey A Family Story for Advent by Arnold Ytreeide



Last Christmas we discovered Jotham’s Journey.   We started the 2nd week of December so we were a little behind for the Advent Season.   But that didn’t stop us!   Once we started reading this book, our children were begging for more each night.   We could barely finish dinner before our son David ran to get the book.   We finally caught up to where we should have been, and could only read one story a night.   That was agonizing, but oh so fun.   Arnold Ytreeide has such a gift for writing.   You will be on the edge of your seat.   He includes fiction into the Biblical story, keeping everything from the Bible so accurate.   As you can tell, we just loved this book, and we look forward to reading Bartholomew’s Passage next Christmas.

From the Publisher:

In this widely popular, exciting story for the advent season, readers follow ten-year-old Jotham across Israel as he searches for his family. Though he faces thieves, robbers, and kidnappers, Jotham also encounters the wise men, shepherds, and innkeepers until at last he finds his way to the Savior born in Bethlehem.


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