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Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day by John S. Leonard



Look at this title:
get better
get perfect
get done
get right
get going
get real.

Isn’t that the way we think?  We have to get better at evangelizing.  We should talk to others about Jesus.  We should be perfect.  Others should be perfect.  We need to get things done.  We need to do them right.  “Oh, I messed up that conversation with that person.  Now, he will never believe in Jesus.”   We need to get going!  We need to tell others about Jesus NOW!

Okay, so let’s get real.  Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day!

That is what this book is all about.  Getting real with yourself and others and sharing your faith in a real way.  THIS IS MY BOOK OF THE YEAR!  I loved it and I hope you will too!


From the Publisher:

Evangelism Gets More Real, Less Awkward

Instead of an awkward experience, sharing your faith can be a simple, everyday part of life. As you grow in your love for Jesus, sharing him with others will overflow into every conversation. Casual interactions will turn into significant moments that bring the gospel into all your relationships.

“If evangelism seems difficult, or if you have ever said, ‘I don’t have the gift of evangelism,’ you will wish you had read this book a long time ago. The Get Real paradigm is anchored in the Scriptures, and especially in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s own process of evangelism. Get Real explains in easy-to-understand-and-apply ways that evangelism can be a natural part of a Christian’s daily routine. Get Real is the material we use to train our missionaries at Mission to the World, and it is appreciated by the missionaries because it works.”
Paul Kooistra, Coordinator, Mission to the World

“If you have one book on evangelism in your library, it should be this one. It’s not what you expect. It’s about life, relationships, and godly inefficiency—and it’s about a God who loves us so much that it shows. This is “real deal” evangelism that breaks the rules and opens a floodgate of love and mercy to a desperate and needy world. Reading Dr. Leonard’s book is like a drink of cold, clear water refreshing a thirsty soul . . . ours and theirs.”
Steve Brown, Key Life radio program Bible teacher; professor, Reformed Seminary; author of Three Free Sins: God’s Not Mad at You.



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