Learn about the Renaissance and the Reformers of the Church!

Examine how God intervenes in people’s lives to bring  about change in their hearts and in the hearts of the  people around them.

Carol Robb teaches you about people and events of the Renaissance and the Reformation using games and projects that will become 2  fabulous Lapbooks to be used over and over again.


Wycliffe and Huss Game
Art & the Renaissance
Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press
Explorers’ Travels
Explorers Sliding Puzzle Game
Double Trouble Game


Timeline for the Reformation
Kings and Queens of England and Scotland
Jeopardy-style Game on the King and Queens
Famous People of the Reformation Game
Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Game
God Works Through People to Bring About Change

These  Lapbook downloads can be used as a supplement to any history curriculum. All directions, Masters, and project information  (Student & Teacher Manuals) are ready to be printed out from the download.  If you would like a complete kit that provides you with all of your cardstock printed out and supplies, you will want to purchase the Lapbook Kit and CD.  Look under the Lapbooking Tab for these kits.  We also provide Adhesive Kits and Game Kits to accompany the CD’s and  the Lapbook Kits.  You will find them under the Lapbook Resources Tab.


 Here are some samples of the Renaissance Lapbook:

Here are some samples of the Reformation Lapbook:


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