The Dark Man by Marc Schooley

The Dark Man by Marc Schooley



We discovered Marc Schooley’s books this year.   I like his writing very much.   Just when I think I have everything figured out, something happens to change my mind.   He keeps me hopping and therefore reading–I stayed up way too late to finish this book, but it was good!

From the publisher:

The Dark Man is a dystopian novel in a United States that has outlawed Christianity. It is the story of a futuristic Saul who persecutes the church until he travels his own road to Damascas. It’s a romance and a deep psychological journey and a study in humanity’s condition without Christ.   It’s also this really weird Twilight Zone type of story about this guy who talks with a mysterious wood-block puzzle.   It’s just beautifully bizarre, is what it is.

Charles Graves is a legend among the government branch dedicated to eliminating Christianity from America. He’s also legendary among the last remaining cells of Christianity–as the evil genius master of disguise who can infiltrate and bring down anyone anywhere. He’s the bogey man.   But Charles is haunted, quite literally, by his past. His quest for identity causes him to become a man with a hundred faces, and yet as he loses himself in each new guise he loses a bit more of who he really is. Internally he’s tied to an awful event in his childhood. And for years he’s been hearing voices from a child’s puzzle box.

It’s one part psychological thriller, one part the story of Christ’s ability to heal any wound, one part romantic adventure, and one part fun with helicopter gunships.   As Charles learns, the world has turned over. Read The Dark Man to see just how far it’s turned.




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