Jack and Jenny Mystery Series Book 6: Hijacked by Anthony Bollback

Jack and Jenny Mystery Series Book 6: Hijacked by Anthony Bollback


Adventure! Intrigue! Suspense! And Biblical truth! You will not want to miss this final book in the Jack and Jenny Mystery Series.


This sixth book in The Jack and Jenny Mystery Series finds Jack and Jenny Carlton in Macau, China with their friends Tim and Ruth Chen. Three evil men are planning the theft of a sacred gold dragon from the local temple. The plan seems fullproof, but they must find a way to avoid the effects of an ancient curse on anyone who steals it. Unknowingly Jack, Jenny and their friends soon find themselves enmeshed in the mysterious disappearance of the sacred gold dragon, and that leads to a wild ferry chase between the ports of Hong Kong and Macau.
The four friends rely upon God to help them out of the predicament that they find themselves in when their ferry is hijacked, and they are kidnapped. This story will strengthen faith in God for all children as they move through the exciting episodes with the four friends. This is another page-turner that will keep children on the edge of their seats until the final page.

Recommended for Readers 8-12

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