I am Ruth: a story of Loss, Love, & Redemption

I am Ruth: a story of Loss, Love, & Redemption



This is the most beautiful book and story.  As you read it, you feel that you are there with Ruth and seeing her with new eyes.  You experience her grief as she leaves her country with Naomi without her husband.  You are watching her as she works in the fields of Boaz.  You feel her excitement as she finds a wonderful husband in Boaz.  What a wonderful book!


From the Publisher:

Let the scriptural account, the breathtaking photos, and the deeper insights help you look afresh at this enduring true story of love from tragic loss.

View the vivid, full-color images from within Israel and near the historic locale of Ruth’s life.
Survey the social and cultural details that come alive to enhance your understanding of this profound story of loss, faith, loyalty, and love.
Better understand the important biblical and genealogical connections.
One of the most beloved and enduring accounts of the Bible, Ruth’s story is one of tragedy. Here is the true account of a young widow who chooses to leave the land of her birth for the unknown lands of her mother-in-law, Naomi, who is returning home bitter and angry at God for the loss of her husband and two sons.

More than just a simple love story, I Am Ruth is about courageously facing life after loss, rediscovering faith, and fearlessly placing yourself and your future in God’s loving hands. This text brings to light the full humanity found in the biblical account, and makes it personal for every reader who has suffered in life’s shadows longing to see God’s plan.



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