Deadline by Randy Alcorn


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2 in stock


I read this book when it was first published in 1994.   A friend gave it to me.  I didn’t even know who Randy Alcorn was at that time.  I really was impressed with the way he drew you into the mystery and at the same time gave you a thought-provoking insight into what heaven might be like.  Since then, I heard about him from his book called Heaven.  I picked up this book, Deadline,  to reread it several years ago, and discovered it was by Randy Alcorn.  I didn’t know until last year that he had written two more in the series, Dominion and Deception (my all-time favorite).  This book focuses on the issues of liberalism (abortion, tolerance, man’s truth versus God’s truth) and the lies that it brings which can cause great pain and heartache to those who believe them.  I highly recommend this book!


From the Publisher:

Heart-Pounding Murder Mystery


Involved in a tragic accident under suspicious circumstances, award-winning journalist Jake Woods teams with detective Ollie Chandler to uncover the truth. This alluring repackage of the Randy Alcorn bestseller finds Jake drawing upon all his resources in an ever-intensifying, dangerous murder investigation. Unaware of the imminent threat to his own life, Jake struggles for answers to the mystery at hand and is plunged into a deeper search for the meaning of his own existence.


His Body Hung Suspended Between Two Friends–His Soul Between Two Worlds


“Doc’s shoulder jammed into Jake as he swerved the Suburban sharply to the right, cut between a telephone pole and a billboard, then careened into a ten-foot high embankment. Sometime between the sound of Doc’s last cry and the sickening crunch of bent metal from the car’s first roll, Jake lost consciousness. The last sensation he felt was that of being crushed between the two men he had known since childhood… ”


When tragedy strikes those closest to him, award-winning journalist Jake Woods must draw upon all his resources to uncover the truth about their suspicious accident. Soon he finds himself swept up in a murder investigation that is both complex and dangerous. Unaware of the threat to his own life, Jake is drawn in deeper and deeper as he desperately searches for the answers to the immediate mystery at hand and—ultimately—the deeper meaning of his own existence.


Deadline is a dramatic and vivid novel of substance, filled with hope and perspective for every reader who longs to feel purpose in life.


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