7–Lapbook Adhesive Packet : Renaissance and Reformation

7–Lapbook Adhesive Packet : Renaissance and Reformation



This adhesive kit can be used with the Renaissance and Reformation Lapbooks and any other lapbooking project that you have.  It includes 1/2 inch Scor-tape, 1/8 inch Scor-tape, 1 mono-adhesive, and 1 mono-adhesive refill.  The Scor-tape is enough for at least 3 children to use for the year.  The mono-adhesive and refill is enough for 1 child.  Each additional child will need their own mono-adhesive and refill, which you can find under Lapbooking Resources.

Why do you need these?

Mono-adhesive is a scrapbooking “tape” that rolls on a double-sided adhesive to be used to put together the projects that your child is making.  NEVER use glue in a lapbook.  It eventually deteriorates and /or yellows.  If your child is going to all this work, you want something that is “Lapbook safe” and will last.  Usually a child needs 1 mono-adhesive and 1 refill to complete the year-long lapbooks.  If you need more refills, you can get order them under the Lapbook resources.

Scor-tape is the best double-sided adhesive for those sections of the Lapbook that need a stronger adhesive.  In the directions for the Lapbook, I tell your child when to use Scor-tape and which size is best.

I use the mono-adhesive to put most of the individual projects together.   Usually when working on the projects for a Lapbook, I use a full adhesive and part of a refill for the entire year.  Of course that means that I am conservative in how much I use for each project.  I recommend you show your children how not to use the mono-adhesive (not to “go wild” with it).

On the Lapbooking resources, you will find the individual mono-adhesives, refills, and all the sizes of Scor-tape that we carry.








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